Today in Politics- May 27th, 2009

Two big pieces of news left over from yesterday first. No surprises, but President Obama selected Judge Sonia Sotomayor to be his nominee for the Supreme Court seat being left by Justice David Souter. Let the mud slinging and cable news infighting begin. The best part, of course, is that none of this is really all that big a deal. No one seriously thinks (at least at this point) that Sotomayor isn’t going to get cleared by the Senate. There are a whole bunch of reasons for this: She’s extremely well qualified, she would be the first Hispanic judge on the court ever, she’d only be the third woman on the bench, the fact that the Senate is controlled by the Dems, and probably most importantly, Sotomayor is replacing another left leaning judge. If it was, say, Clarence Thomas who was retriring, the GOP would be throwing everything that it could into this nomination fight. But as it stands the balance of power on the court isn’t really going to shift at all, and as low in the polls as Republicans are, frankly it’s not worth their effort to go into a full throttle fight on this one.

The second big news from yesterday is that in a 6-1 vote, the California Supreme Court upheld the infamous Prop 8, banning future gay marriage but maintaining the legal status of same sex marriages made before the proposition passed. Just asking, but how exactly is this fair or just? Shouldn’t it be either one or the other, not this “Oh, rats, sorry you missed our special deal on gay marriages by 15 minutes, sucks to be you” situation? Of course, it would be political suicide to annul all the marriages preformed before Prop 8, which is why they’re keeping those intact. Gay rights activists are already planning on challenging Prop 8 by creating their own proposition next year.

Ron Paul is back in the news… sort of. Apparently he’s trying to make himself into a kingmaker of sorts, with his new “Ten in ‘10” campaign. His goal is to get ten of his friends into office. We’ll see what happens.

Roland Burris, meanwhile, proves once again that he’s never in the news for a good reason. Tapes from the ex-governor Blagojevich wiretaps have been released, proving that Burris actually offered to give the governor a fundraiser, but debated with himself how to make it look like Burris personally wasn’t involved. Kids, if the governor is accused of selling a senate seat to the highest bidder, then offers it to you for “free”, don’t take him up on it. Seriously.

Obama’s in Vegas, which isn’t nearly as interesting as it sounds, and then he heads to Hollywood, which likewise isn’t nearly as interesting as it sounds. Just in you were wondering.


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