Random Thursday Stuff

There’s no clear agenda today, just a variety of things I thought I’d briefly touch on.  So now I’m going to touch on them.  Briefly.

It’s F-IN’ HOT.  But you already know that, because apparently the entire country is either on fire or dying from heatstroke.  Fun!
 was going to do either a What If Wednesday or a Star Trek Review for the 4th of July.  Obviously neither of those two things happened.  There’s no real reason for that, other than laziness on my part, but I will point out that I don’t have air conditioning in my house, so, you know, its 88 degrees there.  Just saying.  Excuse me for not getting much done. 

HOLY SHIT HIGGS BOSON! I was in the car with my mother when I first heard that it was official, and I freaked right the hell out.  So awesome.  And then my freak out made her freak out because she didn’t realize it was an “Awesome Science Freak Out” not a “’Oh shit you hit that child!’ Freak Out”.  Oh, mother.  Weren’t you paying attention?  I don’t care about the lives of grubby little children, there’s SCIENCE to be done!

HEALTHCARE MANDATE IS A TAX, SAYS ROMNEY.  No duh.  So was his.  It was always a tax, Democrats just knew that admitting that was bad optics.  And Romney knows that too.  Sigh. 

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN DIDN’T SUCK, HOORAY!  I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy it, I had all kinds of bad feelings about it going in.  I’m not 100% in agreement with Chris Sims, but hey, I’m too lazy to write my own review of the film, so there it is, then.

WOLVERINE, CYCLOPS, AND HOW THE X-MEN GOT HERE/JEAN GREY SHOULDN’T COME BACK- This article got me thinking about this last night, and although I disagree, her first point really got me thinking about the current status of the merry mutants.  I haven’t reliably read any X-books since the end of the Morrison era (Magneto is a bad guy, you guys), but I think it’s fascinating to think how much Cyclops has changed over the last ten years.  You know, character development!  Which is why I disagree with her final assessment- I DON’T want a return to earlier status quo, and I’m actually kind of interested to see how this new X-book where the teenage original X-Men time travel to the present and learn their futures turns out.  Because Cyclops has done a total 180.  When even Magneto is siding with Cyclops, I think his younger self is going to freak out a little.

Anyway.  Just thought I’d pop in for a few random thoughts.  Carry on.


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