Debate 2012 Round 1.5- First Thoughts Again!

Holy crap, that was waaaaaay more fun than last week's debate, further cementing my belief that VP debates are so much better than presidential ones.  Both Paul Ryan and Joe Biden were looking for blood, and both drew some.  I'd argue that Biden's anger hurt him, but helped the campaign, which is the entire point of being the attack dog.  And wow, Martha Raddatz was pretty much awesome as this week's moderator.  I wish she'd been in charge last week.

I'd say Biden won.  He sounded more to me like the grizzled old cop schooling the rookie- but I'm a bit biased.  Again, props to Ms. Raddatz for asking hard questions for both candidates- abortions, taxes, ACTUAL MATH.  She was petty great, I'm saying.

Best line: Biden: "Their ideas are old, and their ideas are bad."  Speaking about Medicare, but considering Romney's talk about Russia as our "number 1 global enemy", pretty much the entire GOP platform at the moment.

Worst line: I got a phone call and missed it, unfortunately, but also Biden, for pointing at the moderator and telling her she was wrong.  That does not help your case, dude.  When a lot of people think you're a self-absorbed jerk who doesn't ever think he's wrong, crap like this only helps their case.  Biden has always been a double edged sword for the Obama Administration, and tonight was no exception.

Other thoughts:  Foreign policy!  Yay!  That was a big complaint for me last week, and that was taken care of tonight.  Was that unfair to Ryan?  Yes, he's supposed to be a financial guy, Biden's a global policy guy, so when most of what you talk about is Foreign policy, you're playing on Biden's turf.  But considering last week's TOTAL lack of covering it, I'm glad it was the focus.

Ryan should never had tried to go toe to toe with Biden on personal tragedy   Seriously, dude's wife and child died right after he became a senator.  What were you thinking?

Where is the math?  Where is the logic?  Again, props to the moderator, but when they call out the Romney/Ryan ticket for specifics, for not actually giving concrete answers on how they'll fulfill their promise, that is not good news for the GOP.

And one last big complaint on Ryan (Because I'm a little worried I'm being to hard on him)- His logic on leaving Afghanistan makes no sense.  What he's basically saying is we should never leave Afghanistan, ever.  Obviously, when you send troops home, you have less troops on the ground.  How is that even a question?

IRONIC BEST LINE: Ryan: "Each situation will come with it's own set of circumstances."  Yes.  OBVIOUSLY.  That is supposed to be the entire point of politics.  And also life.  I... I'm not sure how that is a question?

Anyway.  Abortion came up, and while it wasn't handled perfectly, at least it was a part of the debate.  The more I think about it, the more I love that line from Ryan.  He's right, each situation MUST come with it's own circumstances, and SHOULD be dealt with as such.  And neither the Obama administration nor the Romney campaign have always reflected that.  I'm just not sure if anyone truly ran on that concept, with politics as they are, if they'd have a chance to win.

Next week:  Town Hall!  No one knows what questions will be asked!  Anything goes!  It will probably not be as fun as tonight though.  Le sigh.


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