Fear and Loathing 2018: So This is Where We Are Now

Short and sweet today, just my reactions to Tuesday night.

It's March the 22nd, in the year of many people's lord, 2018.  I mean, he's not mine, I'm an atheist.  But I think he was mostly a chill dude? Aside from the whole "doing business at church" thing, which he was definitely not ok with.  (The irony there is that Americans love doing business at church, churches are businesses...  I'm not on my A game here, but I feel like my point is palpable.)

I'm not about to sugarcoat how I'm feeling about things. The primaries are over, and we have the candidates we're going to have regardless of personal sentiment.  In the state of Illinois, our 2018 choice for governor is either the monster billionaire we've had for 4 years, or a different billionaire who hopefully won't be a monster?  I'm not trying to be rude, it's just that, historically speaking, governors of Illinois are often monsters, and being a billionaire just automatically adds to my distrust of someone.

Jay Robert Pritzker not only has an inexplicable last name, he has ties to Rod Blagojevich, and Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I'd never want this state to have to go through that shit again.  But he passes the bare fucking minimum test of not being Lex Luthor- an accusation against Bruce Rauner I've made before and completely stand behind. 

We'll see how things pan out, I suppose.

In slightly more local news, Betsy Londrigan beat out Erik Jones and David Gill for the Democrat primary in the 13th. She's got my support no matter what at this point.  Rodney Davis is an extremely boring and bland Republican, but there's that whole banality of evil thing.  He has almost always backed Trump at every point, and we have to do whatever we can to stop shit like that.

People say "The enemy of my enemy IS NOT my friend", and they're not entirely wrong.  But in politics, when we're talking about people who can literally destroy lives, sometimes you have to just do what you can with what you have.  No, I don't want another billionaire to be the governor of this state.  No, I'm not completely sure I trust an ex-aide to Senator Durbin that I know nothing else about for the House.  But if my choice is between them and the dickwads we've got now?  Yeah, no question.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  It may be a short-term friendship, but if it'll get rid of these assholes, I'm all in.  That's the nature political expediency.

I don't have to like it.  I just like it more than where we are today.


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